Be able to paint beautiful

Add those limited but POWERFUL last touches

New artists, intermediate and pro

[DOWNLOAD] Download my free Blue Hydrangeas tutorial today to learn the process of loose style painting and be able to paint beautiful.

By teaching thousands of different artists all levels I’ve noticed that many facing the same difficulties  with their painting approach.

The main point of this tutorial is to show you one of the simplest  ways to paint blue hydrangeas in loose style as I found this is the most common questions among artists who want their painting be more loose.

We love watercolor techniques, paint first wash with a passion, get wonderful watermark and effects on a paper  and feel not so enthusiastic when it comes to the next stage. What I could make out of it after it dries?

In this tutorial you’ll discover:

  • How to start paint in this medium even if you never hold a brush in your hand
  • Understand the steps in the process of loose painting
  • Where to add limited but powerful details
  • When to let the painting dry before adding more
  • Play with more techniques and see what effects you can get in flowers and foliage for them
  • …and a whole lot more.

New artists and happy students

I’m enjoying your Wow effects course. As you can see I have a long way to go! I think next I’ll try the palm trees. I absolutely love how you paint them! You make it all look so easy and of course it’s not, but such fun anyway. I’ve been watching your YouTube demos and love those too. I’ve taken lots of online watercolor classes and am discovering that I prefer the loose style over the more realistic. I’m finding it more difficult too, you’d think it would be easier but no no! Lol
Nancy Melching
Nancy Melching
happy student
I simply loved to follow watercolor painting course "Sun-Kissed Fall", you are an amazing teacher and inspirator and I can watch the films over and over again. It’s not difficult to adjust your lessons to my own style, they give my paintings a new dimension. I have just enrolled the 2015-tutorials & can’t wait to paint hydrangeas and carnations. I’m so happy I found you, you make my day 🙂 You are a wonderful & genuine human being, I can feel your passion for painting of what you create as well as your love for your students. Thank you! I think I have to enroll all your courses 🙂 It’s pure joy to see you paint and I’m grateful to learn from your knowledge an experience.
Kindest Ingunn B. Wang
Kindest Ingunn B. Wang
new artist and happy student
The Author

Olga Peregood

Hi, my name is Olga. I am professional artist and watercolor addict from Ontario, Canada. Today my passion for watercolor led me to teaching online to share my new art adventures and discoveries among wonderful artists. In my watercolor painting demonstrations I try to provide a joy, happy energy which comes while I move my brush. I don’t teach, I share what works for me. I skip explanations and checklists. People are tired of instructions. We come here to play, to connect and to interact. I believe my follower find her way by herself. The only thing I can give is to share my enthusiasm. I titled my Virtual Class “lazywonderbrush” because of my style of painting. I’m a “lazy” artist and learn to adapt during each stage while panting and to use watercolor techniques to gain “wonderful” results with my “brush”!